Art Process

How knit artworks are made:

I select a face through an online artist-to-artist resource where reference photos are provided for use in artwork.

The face is digitally drawn in layers.

Once the “line” and “crosshatch” layers are complete the “under” layer is exported to an app that creates a knitting pattern.

The “under” layer is either knit in between 4-6 colors of yarn on a hacked 1980’s knitting machine.

The fabric is steamed and (if it’s a knit art piece) the top edge is sewn to a sheet of heavy clear vinyl.

A hand drawing is added to the vinyl using black and white graffiti tagging markers. (If it’s a knit art piece)

A piece of wood with a notch is attached to the back of the top edge of the piece. The finished piece exhibits on the wall similar to quilt.

a collage of pictures of a man with a beard

This is an example of the steps taken when creating a knit print. Knit art varies in that the physical knitting is exhibited and the line drawing is black and white only.

Made It

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Creating my knit portraits are the result of several influences merging. Initially, I was exhibiting my crosshatch portraits and found that viewers were curious about the portraits but there was a disconnect between viewer and subject. Meanwhile, when I’d pull out my knitting projects people would comment on their experience or memories of knitting. I reflected on the words that I was hearing and experiencing with knitting. Words like: warmth, comfort, protection, hugs, love, meditation, connection, flow, and peace. I wanted the faces in my portraits to reflect the concepts that knitting represents. For viewers to feel warmth and comfort with my portrait art even though the face in the picture may be a stranger to them. I then started to merge the two mediums. Knitting is included as a layer in my work for what it visually represents.

a woman is working on a piece of fabric
a group of people in an art studio with easels

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